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Yolosaurus Goes All-in Season 2



Still stuck in the micro-stakes trench after this while? I understand your frustration. Back then in 2011, I was also breaking even for long stretches of time before I started seeking out private coaching from some of my mentors. It’s hard to rise through the limits on your own without any external help. And imagine this. Back then, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, poker was just that much more lucrative as a profession. Right now, I’m sure many of you are starting to experience the effects of the shrinking poker industry, with sites like Pokerstars increasing the effective rake and decreasing player benefits.

But good poker instruction doesn’t come cheap. A decent poker coach for a micro-stakes player would cost at least $150/hr. I am currently charging $250/hr. So it’s hard to actually get good poker training at a cost-effective price, when one hour of your coaching would cost at least 5 to 10 buy-ins at the current limit you are playing. On the flipside, you have coaches who charge a lot less, but are often break-even in their own games and are only looking to make a quick buck from coaching poker. This makes private coaching an unappealing option to many.

But fear not, I have always prided myself in creating courses at a competitive price, providing tons of value for my students.

Yolosaurus Goes All-in Season 2 continues where the first season left off. We delve right into Turn and River play, and introduce more advanced concepts such as the GTO framework, blocking effects of different hands, advanced preflop theory, and the importance of having gameplans for different situations. You can view the course content below.

Theory Lessons

Lesson 1 – Turn Play as the Caller

  • Board Texture
  • Turn Defense
    • Calling the Turn
    • Raising the Turn
  • Facing a Check
    • Stabbing the Turn
    • Blockbetting
    • Turn Check/raising as the PFR

Lesson 2 – River Play

  • Understanding how different rivers affect each player’s ranges
  • Blockers
  • River Play as the PFR
  • River Play as the PFC
  • Exploitative vs GTO approach

Lesson 3 – Advanced Concepts

  • Strong vs Weak Draws
    • Cleansing your outs
    • Dirtying your outs
  • Advanced Bet-sizing
    • Overbets
    • Blockbets

Lesson 4 – Multiway Situations

  • Facing Limps
    • Iso-raising Ranges
    • Limping Behind
    • Postflop Play
  • Squeeze Pots
    • Preflop Squeezing Ranges
    • Postflop Tips
  • Multiway Single-raised Pots

Lesson 5 – Intermediate Preflop Play

  • Understanding Balanced Ratios
  • Positional Defending Ranges
  • Dealing with 3/4/5 bets

Lesson 6 – Efficient Note Taking

  • Tips for taking notes
  • Drawing Conclusions from showdowns
  • Understanding Player Psychology, and how to adjust appropriately

Lesson 7 – Attacking Leaks in Your opponent’s gameplan

  • Common Imbalances and Leaks
  • Appropriate responses vs different strategies
  • Using Statistics

Lesson 8 – Future Street Planning

  • Geometric growth of pot
  • Stack to pot ratio
  • Understanding 3/4/5 bet pots
  • Adjusting for short-stacked and deep-stacked play

4 hr 46 min

Coaching Videos

  1. 2+2 Hand Review 1 uNL forums
  2. 2+2 Hand Review 2 SSNL forums
  3. Pokerstrategy Hand Review 3
  4. Emmanuel NL5 Zoom Part 1
  5. Emmanuel NL5 Zoom Part 2

3 hr 19 min

If you have not seen Season 1 of Yolosaurus Goes All-in, I strongly suggest you consider purchasing that first, so that you know what you can expect from Season 2. This course can be purchased for $300. You can send the money via one of these payment solutions:

Pokerstars: bmlm
Alipay: 13457651317

Do leave a note or drop me an e-mail at, informing me of the purchase and I will send you the relevant links via e-mail as soon as possible.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why am I offering such a refund? I strongly believe that this course can help you make more money and become a much stronger poker player. I am very confident in the material that I have produced. If it turns out that you find yourself not benefiting from the course, I will gladly give you a full refund*, as long as you show me that you have done all the homework and finished watching all the modules.

*Refund must be claimed within 30 days after the date of purchase