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Yolosaurus Goes All-in Season 1 Curriculum

What exactly am I going to learn in Yolosaurus Goes All-in Season 1?

There are 6 core modules in the first season of Yolosaurus Goes All-in, with each module containing problem sets to help you revise and retain the concepts learnt. The course also comes with a wide range of bonus videos on how to use various Poker Tools and Software, as well as recordings of private coaching sessions conducted by Galvin. With over 10 hours of high-quality strategy content crafted by a high-stakes player, jam-packed into an affordable course, Yolosaurus Goes All-in aims to be the definitive step-by-step guide for newer players looking to climb the limits and start crushing.
Core Modules

Module 1: Constructing Preflop Ranges
Craft a robust Preflop game-plan that works well against most opponents

  • Opening ranges
  • Calling ranges
  • 3bet ranges
  • 4bet ranges

Module 2: Framework
Learn how to approach poker the right way and ensure your long-term success

  • Reasons for Aggression
  • Reasons for Passivity
  • Spectrum of Hands Theory
  • Risk vs Reward

Module 3: Fundamentals
Apply Math concepts to your game and boost your win-rate

  • Bet-Sizing
  • Probability
  • Combinatorics

Module 4: Flop Play as the Preflop Raiser
Utilize the advantage of initiative and overpower your opponents

  • Board Texture
  • Flop Bet-Sizing
  • Checking the Flop

Module 5: Flop Play as the Preflop Caller
Plug your leaks and strengthen your defense against the Preflop Raiser

  • Calling with Marginal Hands
  • Raising the Flop

Module 6: Turn Play
Handle Turn spots with ease

  • Understand how different Turn cards interact with players’ ranges
  • Bluffing the Turn
  • Semi-Bluffing the Turn with Equity
  • Playing Made Hands

3 hr 47 min

Advanced Training to Accelerate your Success
In addition to the six core modules, you’ll also receive access to a dynamic library of Advanced Training videos covering a wide range of topics, including software tutorial videos and private coaching videos.

Software Tutorial Videos

  1. Basic Functions of Holdem Manager 2
  2. Advanced Functions of Holdem Manager 2
  3. Pokerstrategy Equilab

1 hr 14 min

Coaching Videos

  1. Hand Review
  2. NL2 Video Review Part 1
  3. NL2 Video Review Part 2
  4. NL5 Live Session Part 1
  5. NL5 Live Session Part 2
  6. Galvin plays NL5 Part 1
  7. Galvin plays NL5 Part 2

4 hr 54 min

Bonus Content

  • Problem Sets with Solutions provided
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

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