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Using Tells in Online Poker

Duration: 2 hr 10 min
Type: Theory
Price: $80

There is a lot of information to keep a look out for but many players are missing out on these finer details when they are playing too many tables. This mini-course will teach you how to observe and interpret online tells to boost your win-rate and make a more accurate assessment of your opponents’ ranges.

You will learn how to observe and interpret:

  • Timing Tells
  • Bet-Sizing Tells
  • Physical and Verbal Tells

Timing Tells – 32:32
Ever wondered what it means when someone makes his move very quickly or takes his own sweet time before he puts in a raise? This video shares some insights about the relevance of timing tells in poker.

Bet-Sizing Tells – 36:51
Both regulars and fishes tend to have certain patterns and tendencies when they are using certain bet-sizes. We discuss how to deal with obvious misclicks and imbalances in bet-sizes.

Physical and Verbal Tells – 27:34
After playing Live Poker for a few months, I compile some of the most useful Live tells and explain them in this video.

Using Timing Tells in Zoom Poker – 32:40
I load 2 tables of Zoom and put the theory taught in “Timing Tells” to good use.




Alternate Payment Methods

  • Pokerstars (bmlm)
  • Skrill (

Do send me an e-mail at to let me know when you are done with the payment and I will send you the relevant links. Note that you are supposed to be re-directed to the download links if you purchase my course via Paypal, so if that doesn’t work properly, let me know.

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