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Sept Update

I have not really been writing personal posts for quite some time after I started focusing my efforts towards producing content catered for the viewer’s benefit. Just thought I’ll share some of my recent thoughts about life and poker in general, as well as give you guys some quick updates about upcoming content.

Free Content

  • Art of Bet Sizing Article – I actually started writing the draft in end July but was too lazy to complete it. I’ll probably try to finish it
  • Live Sweat Video – My guess is that most readers of this site are playing between NL50-200 so I’ll probably produce one more video at these stakes

Preflop Perfection Updates

Added another 3 videos (2.5 hours of content)

  • Short Stack Play Primer
  • Maximizing our EV in Split Pot situations (5-Flush or 5-Straight runouts)
  • Dynamic Preflop Ranges (depolarizing our 3-bet strategy)

What I am up to these days

I am currently residing in Amsterdam and will be here for another month until I go home in October. August wasn’t the best of months both in terms of results and volume. Over the past week I have been reflecting a lot about my future, both in general and in poker. I realized one thing – my laziness over the past 6 months reflects on the fact that I am “looking down” and “not respecting” my opponents enough, expecting myself to make a ton of money with hardly any effort at all. I’m going to ramp up my efforts to become a better player in September. Over the past 4 days I have been analyzing around 3 hours per day on average which is probably the most I have ever done in my entire life within a 1-week time frame so I hope I’m able to keep up with this. I’m pretty familiar with CREV now and I made a good number of interesting discoveries during the week which should prove to be pretty helpful for my game.

Another thing I realized recently – It’s better to focus and work hard in a shorter time frame than to spread out your work hours over a longer period of time.
E.g. It’s better to cram 1000 hours of study and play in 6 months as opposed to 15 months
Why? Games are tougher and opponents are learning new things everyday. So it’s better to quickly get ahead of the learning curve with your analysis, and make use of your new found information as much as possible before others start catching on to it.

Initially I had plans to get more involved with non-poker stuff (business, finance) but I realized that that probably wouldn’t be the best idea. I should put in all my effort in the next 2 years to try hitting the $1 000 000 mark so that I can secure my future for the next 10+ years. When I get there then I will start to consider my exit options.

The Game

My opponents are sometimes making ridiculous hero-calls against me and that’s often pretty tilting. But it’s important to take note when that happens so that you can tweak your bluffing frequencies in certain spots. For example, if you see someone calling down 3 streets with third pair in a spot where all flush and straight draws bust, then it’s probably best to never bluff the river when none of the draws complete. In the coming week, I’m going to be focusing on barreling ranges more, as opposed to bluff catching ranges.

Some Examples

So the first hand was pretty tilting for me. What on earth was villain doing? Betting the Flop with 22 is pretty terrible, so is calling the raise and calling down all 3 streets. He just got lucky that he managed to get a blank runout but a bad card would often fall on the Turn or River >50% of the time, not to mention the fact that I can still show up sometimes with KQ/77. Second hand shows that villain will deviate from standard call-down frequencies when all draws miss (call TP, fold 2nd pair).

These 2 hand histories are filled with so much information but I often find myself not making the best use of them, when I play 8 tables or when I play 6 tables and watch a show at the same time. I should probably look towards organizing my notes and summarizing the main points (e.g. capable of suicide bluffs when he reps narrow, will turn weak made hands into bluffs), instead of writing hand histories which are hard to get a quick feel of with a single glance (e.g. cc F cr R 76 on A6923).

Stuff I analyzed recently

  • Call-down frequencies
  • Split Pot Situations
  • Depolarizing 3bet range to be able to defend wider vs 4bets
  • Pairing Boards

What are your thoughts about how we should approach poker? Want to request for any new content? As always, feel free to leave comments and feedback. Thanks for reading!

4 comments for “Sept Update

  1. Victor
    September 2, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Hi, I like to observe game in nl500, nl1k and I saw that hand 22>J10 and just dont know what to think about this hand))
    and i noticed that you complete from SB.
    what is the purpose and advantage of “complete from SB”?

    ty for interesting materials and GL with your goals!

      September 2, 2014 at 7:54 pm

      I think there are a few things to take note of.

      1. Villain is raising depolarized most likely. If he was using a polarized range he would check behind with 22.
      2. He is the type to cbet or bet with a high frequency and will prefer to take down the dead money in the pot (bet for protection)
      3. He will bluff catch very light when all draws miss

      About the completing of the SB, it is basically based on the fact that I am getting 25% pot odds and thus this allows me to play plenty of weaker hands than I would normally would if I did raise myself to 3bb (and would often be faced with a 3b and be forced to fold). You get to play ~50% more hands this way by limping your entire range as opposed to raising and I think this is probably slightly higher EV though it’s hard to prove. It’s covered in Preflop Perfection in great detail but is too much to answer in a single comment.

  2. gerrit
    September 11, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    hey i love your site and your vids. i woukld love to see more vids from u .

    best regards

  3. Gareth
    October 7, 2014 at 10:29 am

    In response to the J10s hand above, I agree a limping strategy against good opponents can be effective. However, I wonder why you played this hand the way you did when you have a read on villain that he has a tendency to call down light when draws miss? Is you reluctance to just flat his cbet because your is strong enough to flat call? In my view if I have a read on villain that he plays this way would be to just call flop and fold turn if he continues but if checks back make a value looking sized river bet( but I would be reluctant to do this considering he read you have) and maybe just give hope your minimal showdown with J high is good. Interesting to hear further thoughts on this? Really like the content you put out been finding it really helpful , many thanks

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