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Preflop Perfection

  • Do you find yourself unable to play many tables at once?
  • Do you think you are playing too tight?
  • Do you often find yourself getting run over by hyper-aggressive 3-bettors?

run over

It’s better to be the guy in the driver’s seat

Then I might just have the right thing for you. Introducing my new video series,

Preflop_PerfectionAutomate 95% of Preflop Decisions and Multi-table like a bot

Back in 2012, I wasn’t winning a lot of money. I was breaking even a lot, and I often found myself in pointless Preflop levelling wars, often with no clear plan in mind. Downswings were frequent and very devastating for my bankroll. The following year, I finally realize the importance of having a robust gameplan. I started studying Game Theory extensively and sought coaching on Preflop spots.

In 2013, I managed to attain Supernova Elite, the highest status level at Pokerstars, for the first time in my poker career. A huge contributing factor to my success was the fact that I was able to play 8 Zoom tables at once and average 1000 VPPs/hour. Thus, only 1000 hours of play was required (<100 hours per month).

Results 2013My total winnings in 2013

Why do you think that some players such as myself are able to play 24 regular tables or 8 Zoom tables at once?
The majority of strong mass multi-tabling players work hard on designing default ranges so that they can automate common Preflop spots and make quick decisions in-game.

What you will be learning

In this video series, I will show you my systems for constructing robust default opening, defending and re-raising ranges. I will also share with you my method of developing dynamic ranges which fully exploit your opponents’ tendencies and maximize your winnings. In no time, you will know how to deal with 95% of preflop spots with relative ease.

Part 1: Blind vs Blind
1. Stats Ninja – Configuring Your BvB HUD
2. Important Concepts
3. Uncover the Robin Hood within you – Stealing aggressively from the SB
4. The Best Defense is a Good Offense – Punishing SB opens with an aggressive defending strategy
5. Handling 3-bets OOP from the SB
6. Unorthodox ways of dealing with 4-bets (Calling 4-bets and Min 5-bets)
7. Open-Limping – A play not only for fishes

Part 2: Late Position Battles
8. Stats Ninja II – Optimizing your HUD for stealing and re-stealing
9. BU Stealing – Maximizing your Edge in the most advantageous position
10. SB Defense – Flipping the “Aggro-Switch”
11. BB Defense – Mitigating your losses
12. CO vs BU – A battle for supremacy
13. Calling Re-steals In Position
14. Multi-way Situations
15. The Art of Calling 4-bets

8 hr

Bonus Videos
Bonus – Holdem Manager Review of 20 hands
Bonus – Constructing Preflop Ranges in Early Positions
Bonus – CREV Flop Primer
Bonus – Deep Stack Play and Antes
Bonus – Short Stack Play (1 Sep 2014)
Bonus – Dynamic Preflop Ranges (when to depolarize your 3b range) (1 Sep 2014)
Bonus – Split Pot Situations (how to maximize your EV on 5-straight or 5-flush runouts) (1 Sep 2014)
Bonus – Facing 2 raises in front of you (1 Sep 2014)
Bonus – Flop Play as the PFR in BU vs BB situations (25 Sep 2014)

7 hr 

Live Session
6 Live Session Videos

4 hr 30 min

Who knows how long online poker is going to remain viable as a source of income? As governments around the world continue to clamp down on online gaming, it makes perfect sense to realize your full potential and make as much money as possible while you are still able to do so. Let me show you the way to rise through the small-stakes games and become a better player.

Here is what others have to say about Preflop Perfection

Vytenis N., Lithuania
“Preflop Perfection gave me a good framework to work with Preflop ranges, especially for BU vs CO spots and defending against 3bets. It boosted my confidence and equipped me with the right tools to improve my game.”

Learnfriend, Taiwan

“I have invested over 20000usd  in learning poker. and this course is by far the most worthy one. The information in this course is no place to find on internet, so this is the big big edge. I know training sites are good, but if every one is watching it, where is the edge. I would be SNE again next year with the help of this course, thanks.”

One student’s response from a Surveymonkey Survey

“I really enjoyed the course. That’s highly valuable for me, its clear and understandable. Thank you for your awesome work.”


Q: Who is this course for?

A: This course is mostly aimed at players playing between NL50-NL200. During beta-testing, I found that players who tend to benefit the most from this course were those who were not so well-versed in poker theory.

Q: What makes this course different from others?

A: We dive right into the heart of Preflop Play and focus on fundamental Game Theory concepts such as Auto-Profiting spots and Minimum Defense Frequencies. Then I provide suggestions on typical strategies employed by most players, and teach you how to construct a robust default gameplan that allows you to deal well with the average opponent.

I will also show you how to construct dynamic Preflop ranges that will vary based on different opponent strategies (raise size and frequencies) and provide plenty of Preflop Charts for referencing.

The strategies I suggest here are robust and will work even against the best players in the world. I avoid talking about “cheap tactics and gimmicks” because those will not work against strong opponents.

Other Courses: The min 5-bet is a good way to re-bluff cheaply against an aggressive 4-bettor.
*Shows a few examples.

Preflop Perfection: The min 5-bet is an effective way of re-bluffing cheaply against an aggressive 4-bettor.
*Shows mathematical calculations behind this reasoning
*Shows possible counter-strategies from 4-bettor and how to adjust accordingly

*Explains how to use min 5-betting as part of a balanced defense strategy

Q: I cannot afford this course. I would buy it if it were cheaper. Can you lower the price?

A: This course might be a little pricey for someone playing lower limits but it should be well worth the investment as long as it doesn’t take up more than 10% of his bankroll.

Looking at this from another perspective, this course is relatively cheap compared to alternative options of acquiring the same knowledge. I personally spent >100 hours working out my own Preflop ranges and discussing it with other poker friends, and ~$2000 on poker coaching for preflop spots specifically. If you were to hire me for private coaching for 10 hours to work on your Preflop game, it would cost you $1500. With this course, you can acquire the same knowledge at only a fraction of the cost and time spent.

Q: I can learn so much from a premium training site like RunItOnce for $100/month and I get access to 30 videos a month, as well as the entire archive. Why should I buy your course instead?

A: Someone actually sent me this message when I was releasing this course for beta-testing. Here’s my honest answer. Firstly, only a few videos out of the entire archive is going to be useful for you. Theory videos covering a highly specific concept tend to be pretty rare, with the majority of videos being live sweat sessions. Secondly, there’s only so much that you can watch. With more than a hundred videos available at your disposal, you will probably find yourself overwhelmed with too many options. Thirdly, I guarantee complete support from me and I would argue that my course here is much more highly specific and will be much more beneficial in helping you work on your Preflop game. Here’s a chart to illustrate my point.

Price vs Value

I don’t think it’s logical to compare Preflop Perfection to a video training site, because the amount of educational value delivered in this course is comparable to that of theory lessons from private coaching and is available at a fraction of the cost. The level of support for students will also be much higher as compared to training sites, where video producers rarely answer questions 1-2 weeks after publishing their videos.

Q: I know I’m too tight but at the same time I don’t feel comfortable playing such a wide range of hands. I might end up losing money Post-Flop. Is this course suitable for me?

A: I would say that Preflop play should be the first thing for players aspiring to move up to mid-stakes No Limit Hold’em to work on. I certainly wouldn’t expect you to start calling steals and re-steals with a very loose range right from the beginning. But at least it would be great to know how far you are currently deviating from “optimal play”. Implementing wider stealing ranges and knowing how to adapt with wide re-stealing ranges will also prove to be very valuable.

I intend to release more content on Postflop play, both Free and Paid, in the near future, and I think that should also help you play more confidently and profitably with a wider range of starting hands.

Q: I’m bad at math. Will I be able to understand this?

A: I only use basic high school math here (probability, algebra). Don’t worry, no calculus was used and as long as you are not completely hopeless with basic math, you should be able to follow most of what I teach in the course. Even if Math is not your forte, I strongly believe that having a decent level of understanding of the math behind poker is necessary to beat the mid-stakes.

Q: Is this more of a theoretical or practical poker course?

A: I found that I tend to learn the most from coaching videos which have a theory component in the first part, and some demonstrations of practical application in the second part. With that in mind, I talk about important theoretical concepts and models in the earlier parts, and go on to show how we actually derive ranges for practical usage.

Q: There are plenty of people who are good at doing certain things, but are not good at teaching the subject. How do I know that you are good at teaching poker?

A: I am very experienced in teaching poker. I have conducted private coaching for numerous students, produced over 50 videos at Pokerstrategy, and evaluated over 10000 hands in the Pokerstrategy Hand Evaluation forums. You can check out my free material and see if you enjoy my teaching style.

48 Videos as of 18 Jun 201448 Videos at Pokerstrategy since 18 June 2014, with more to come

Post countEvaluated over 12 000 hands at Pokerstrategy’s Hand Evaluation Forums

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