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Day 2 – How to Avoid Common Mistakes made by Micro-stakes Players

After coaching my good friend Daniel over the past few months, I noticed a common trend among micro-stakes players. They tend to be making fairly similar mistakes and today, I would like to share some of them with you. 1. Not respecting Turn and River raises Most players, regulars and recreational players alike, tend to be highly weighted towards 2-pairs…

Yolosaurus Goes All-in Season 1 Episode 1

Here’s the first episode finally!


We’re still in the midst of deciding how to separate and price both the free and premium content. I’m leaning towards buying a Tablet and producing Khan Academy type of lessons where I would use Camtasia and a blackboard software to teach (writing with a tablet). It does seem to work for academic stuff, so I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t try out that format for teaching poker. For now I think I’ll separate the videos according to seasons, and each season will contain a certain number of videos for a particular limit, so Season 1 will be all about NL2.

Upcoming Series: Yolosaurus Goes All-in

My friend Daniel and I are going to be starting on a new project entitled “Yolosaurus Goes All-in”. We will record his journey from NL2 all the way up to the midstakes (hopefully) and track his progress while producing good poker training material for you guys.

Here’s a sneak peak into what’s in store

Let me know in the comments about what you think, what formats/types of video you would like to see etc.

The Art of Bet-Sizing

Many of my students seem to have problems with sizing their bets and I think this is something that many micro-stakes players can work on to boost their win-rate. I wrote this article to share some thoughts on how we should size our bets. There might be a part 2 for this, if I do think of more stuff to write…

Sept Update

I have not really been writing personal posts for quite some time after I started focusing my efforts towards producing content catered for the viewer’s benefit. Just thought I’ll share some of my recent thoughts about life and poker in general, as well as give you guys some quick updates about upcoming content. Free Content Art of Bet Sizing Article –…

It’s Zoom Time! Episode 1

I figured that I need a more interesting name for my videos and in future I’ll just categorize all my live sweat videos under the “It’s Zoom Time!” series.

In this video I ran into a couple of interesting spots at NL200

  • When do we raise a pair + flush draw?
  • What do we do against a huge overbet?