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November 2013 Results

This month was really similar to September. It started off really well with a mega heater (including my largest win in a single day, $14000), ended with a huge 14k downswing, but in the end I managed to end the month with a nice profit.

I was really hoping to break the $50k mark, I was almost there (15k RB with 35k table winnings) but sadly that didn’t happen.

Rakeback: $15 400
Table Winnings: $23 066.21
Total: $38 466
Total Hands: 184 121
VPPs earned: 154 000
VPPs left: 185 000 (6000 VPPs per day for the next 31 days)

nov2013 resultsTo be honest I don’t think I’m deserving of 30k table winnings at the moment, based on my current skill level. I think I have so much more untapped potential and I need to put in the hard work in order to reap the rewards. I feel really tired of playing for now. With the new Singapore legislation looming in the corner, I feel like I’m under some pressure to make as much money as possible while I still can, to secure my future for the next 10-15 years. I want to take a nice month-long break in January, and come back more motivated than ever to study the game and grind hard.

As you can see, my performance at the end of the month was pretty mediocre. During this period, I was watching a lot of shows/streams (PewDiePie, Dota2, Starcraft II, It’s Sunny in Philadelphia) while playing mainly because I was struggling really badly with my motivation.

I’ll try to put in some 10k VPP days in the coming month. Until the next update, see you guys next time!

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