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Marathon Week – THE GRIND IS ON

With everyone in the forums doing a November Marathon, I thought I’ll also give it a shot, for a single week. The aim is to earn 8000 VPPs every day (approximately 8-9 hours a day) for the next 5-6 days in a row.

grind 1


grind 2


I’m going to stick to a schedule of sleeping 6 hours each day and taking several short naps throughout the day and see how that works. And of course I’m going to have to cut down on gaming quite a bit to achieve this. This should put me on pace to end the month with 200k VPPs which is going to be really great for my December. I have been slacking too much in the first 3 days of November which is bad.

I’ll try to update daily for this week, so stay tuned for more graphs and perhaps some interesting hands.

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