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Life of a Grinder: October Update

Table Winnings: $10 500
Monthly Rakeback: $16 000 (160 000 VPPs)
Total Earnings: $26 500
Hands Played: 192 000
Hours Played: 167 hours


October Graph

octstakesWinnings by Stakes

This month has been a brutal rollercoaster ride, but I’m fortunate enough to end up on top with a decent comeback. My swings have been quite volatile, with my highest and lowest peaks having a difference of $25 000. Kinda reminds me of Snakes and Ladders.

Sometimes you think you are making good progress on the way to the top, and you step on a snake, sending you all the way to the bottom into the dumps.

SnakeSometimes, when you are in absolute despair, a ladder drops down from heaven and lends a hand. You feel like a superstar after that and the adrenaline rush from a huge winning session feels really great.

LadderI’ll be doing most of my heavy grinding in November. And I’ll try to squeeze in some hours of analysis to improve on my game a little.

1 comment for “Life of a Grinder: October Update

  1. Edwin
    October 28, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Hey, fellow Singaporean here.
    Since the govt decided to ban poker in sg
    Do you have any plan your future? Like grinding overseas etc

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