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Increasing your Win-rate through Self-Analysis

Duration: 2 hr 37 min
Type: Theory
Price: $60

Ever wondered what you should do to become a better player? This mini-course will teach you how to study Poker on your own and guide you towards achieving your poker goals of making more money and moving up the limits.

You will learn how to improve on your:

  • Technical Game
  • Mental Game
  • Discipline and Routine
  1. Preflop Game-plan – 35:51
    Learn how to construct Opening Ranges, Calling Ranges, Limping and Isolation Raising Ranges, 3-bet Ranges and 4-bet Ranges
  2. Postflop Game-plan – 26:14
    Familiarize yourself with the best Poker Tools in the market and use them to develop optimal Postflop game-plans.
  3. Using Strategy Forums – 13:23
    Understand the value of Poker Strategy Forums and learn how to mine them for useful information
  4. Database Analysis – 40:54
    Analyze your own game with Holdem Manager 2. I will show you how to analyze basic stats for your own game to better understand your frequencies, perform villain analysis and gain population reads, and run filters to check for Preflop and Postflop leaks.
  5. Improving your Soft Skills in Poker – 40:54
    Find out what’s keeping you from achieving your full earning potential. I discuss how to improve your Mental Game, the importance of discipline and routines, how much you should study, and provide many other tips on how to boost your win-rate.

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Alternate Payment Methods

  • Pokerstars (bmlm)
  • Skrill (

Do send me an e-mail at to let me know when you are done with the payment and I will send you the relevant links. Note that you are supposed to be re-directed to the download links if you purchase my course via Paypal, so if that doesn’t work properly, let me know.

1 comment for “Increasing your Win-rate through Self-Analysis

  1. Luis
    September 6, 2015 at 7:03 am

    i have other question that is about the preflop game plan. Is the preflop video a practical guide how to construct real ranges against a population? Or is more a theoretical video. I’m asking this because i’m tired about videos with a lot of preflop theory but they don’t put into practice how to construct real ranges. I want to know theory because i want to know what i’m doing but i need some guide to put things into practice. (I’m stuck at NL25 for years).

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