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Day 7

Session Stats

Profit: $11227
Hands Played: 4414
Hours Played: 3.8hVPPs earned: 4254

10nov2013This is definitely one of the best winning days of my career. I woke up at noon and started playing at 1300 when the games were still pretty good and I continued grinding for a few hours. Ran pretty nicely and managed to stack Giggy for 200bb in a 3b pot with the nut flush vs his straight when I played my draw deceptively.

I’ll probably play a few more hours later but I’ll just end the challenge now prematurely. I won’t be publishing daily blogs for now but stay tuned as I should probably be writing some other articles on random topics (probably poker related)

Total Profit for the week: +$19k

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2 comments for “Day 7

  1. pokerdude
    November 11, 2013 at 7:19 am

    Any interesting hands to post?

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