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Day 4 – A sneak peak at some Private Coaching

Hey there,

Yesterday, I announced the launch of my new course ‘Yolosaurus Goes All-in’ designed for micro-stakes players and today, I am very excited to share with you a bit more about what the course contains as well as show you a free video sample of some of the live coaching sessions I did with Daniel. This is so that you get a sense of what  to expect from the coaching videos in the series.

This course is designed in such a way that you can ‘learn-at-your-own-pace’ and it contains all the things I have taught Daniel to help him become profitable at the micro-stakes. The course contains almost 4 hours worth of 6 theory videos and almost 5 hours worth of live coaching videos. It also contains a bonus section which includes videos on how to better use your poker tracking software as well as equilab to further improve your game. The syllabus for the theory videos can be seen below:

  • Module 1: Constructing Preflop Ranges – Craft a robust Preflop game-plan that works well against most opponents
  • Module 2: Framework- Learn how to approach poker the right way, Equip yourself with the necessary skills to tackle most poker problems and Ensure your long-term success
  • Module 3: Fundamentals- Learn about Bet-sizing in different situations, Probability and Combinatorics
  • Module 4: Flop Play as the Preflop Raiser- Utilize the advantage of initiative and overpower your opponents
  • Module 5: Flop Play as the Preflop Caller- Strengthen your defense against the Preflop Raiser
  • Module 6: Turn Play – Handle Turn spots with ease and Understand when to turn up the pressure 

Now, I have always stressed the important distinction between tactics and strategy.  Tactics tend to only be useful in highly specific situations. On the other hand, strategy helps you plan out your course of action with various hands. Good strategies, not tactics, is what will help you play well against all types of opponents at the micro limits and this is what ‘Yolosaurus Goes All-in’ is designed to do. The theory videos covers some of the most important strategies you will need to make a profit at the micro limits – ranging from Preflop Play all the way to the Turn Play as the Preflop Raiser – and I am confident you can take many of these concepts and apply it to your own game.

The live coaching videos supplement the theory videos and helps illustrate how to apply the theories taught into your own game. There is a good mix between video reviews of Daniel’s play, hand history reviews taken directly from Daniel’s database, and even session recordings from myself where I actually sit down at the micro-stakes and play some hands. Let me give you a sneak peak into a hand review session that we did recently.

In the field of poker, where games are getting tougher as time passes, there is an urgent need to climb up quickly and earn as much money as possible. Remember all those threads in the forums, talking about the golden age of poker before Black Friday (2011) and UIGEA (2006)? It will only get worse from here on, with more people starting to use all kinds of software to increase their edge. Being complacent and settling for mediocrity will likely mess up your plans for the future if you do not amass your fortune quickly enough when you are still young. In poker, the popular quote by Benjamin Franklin “Time is Money” has never been truer. Investing in your own poker education will eventually pay for itself in the long-run.

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