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Day 3 – The importance of having a mentor

For the past two days, we have been examining some of the common leaks of micro-stakes players. Now, let me share some insights about the importance of having a mentor throughout your poker career.

When Daniel first started taking shots at NL5, he was struggling quite a bit. He had lost 4 days in a row and he could not fully comprehend what was wrong with his game. Daniel was only showing me a few hands per day to look at, despite the fact that he was grinding 8 hours a day. He was also complaining a lot about getting coolered.

Given that the NL5 player pool contains a large number of weak players, I was highly skeptical about the validity of his claims that the majority of his losses were due to bad luck. I decided to dive deeper and we sat down together for a long coaching session where I plowed through his database and looked for leaks in his game that we could address as quickly as possible. As expected, I spotted many issues which required fixing. Daniel was spewing a lot of money in spots where he did not have a clearly defined game plan. He was making random 4-bet bluffs with K6s and calling 3-bets OOP with hands as weak as A8o and JTo. These plays also reflected a certain level of tilt.

Would Daniel have been able to fix his mistakes on his own without any assistance? Possibly, but it would take a really long time for him to spot his mistakes and learn from them the hard way – through paying his “tuition fees” at the tables.

Now, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the right mentor to guide you throughout your poker career. After all, I know this too well from my personal experience. During the first year of my poker career, I was stuck at the micro-stakes for a really long time. Every losing month erased the hard work and effort from the previous month and led to a delay in the goals that I had set for myself back then. Much of the free advice that I had received from the forums were also not very helpful. I even forked out a considerable sum of money (a few hundred dollars at that time, which represented a huge chunk of my total bankroll) to seek private coaching from some of the cheaper coaches but I ended up paying for bad advice. It was only when I found a good mentor that things started to change for the better. He offered many fresh perspectives on poker strategy and taught me many things that I would have otherwise taken 5X the amount of time needed to learn on my own.

Now, I know what most of you guys are thinking. “But Galvin, I’m stuck in the micros and my bankroll is limited. I cannot afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to receive quality instruction from a good coach!” But that’s okay. I have a great solution for you here.

Introducing Yolosaurus Goes All-in

After spending more than a month with Daniel living in Macau, I have created the ultimate guide to beating micro-stakes poker. This video course will help you take your game to the next level and I am very excited to share this with you.

The course covers all the strategy advice as well as private coaching sessions I gave to Daniel (Yolosaurus), which helped him to to dramatically improve his win-rate. If you don’t believe me, take a look at his results at $0.01/0.02.

NL2 Results

As you can see, having the right mentor to guide him in his poker journey had a huge impact on his win-rate. Daniel transformed from a losing player to a winning player at NL2 after 15 hours of instruction. We focused heavily on developing sound game plans to handle common situations in poker. I also taught Daniel the right mental frameworks needed to tackle different poker situations.

Yolosaurus Goes All-in is intended for

  • Online Micro-stakes Players ($0.01/0.02 – 0.02/0.05)
  • Live Players who do not have a strong foundation in Poker Theory ($1/2 – $5/10)

The course includes a wide range of content such as Combinatorics, Risk vs Reward, and Turn Play as the Preflop Raiser. The full course description can be found here.

And of course, if you are dissatisfied with the course, drop me an e-mail for a 100% refund. The concepts and strategies offered in this course have been proven to work by many players and I am positive that you can also benefit greatly from this course as well.

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