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Day 1

Session Stats:
Profit: $1140
Time Played: 8.5 hours
Hands: 10070
VPPs earned: 8500


I was actually experimenting a little with mixing in NL400/600 tables for a bit during the day when NL1000 games weren’t running but I found that it just decreased my VPP/hr and was extremely distracting. I got buttoned 90% of the time as well (cos I didn’t mind playing HU but most of the other regs did and also because I wasn’t focused too well)

Rough Schedule

Here’s how I spent my day yesterday. As you can see, I spent most of it taking random naps when I was not playing. My productivity has increased to a small extent since I did cut down a little on gaming.

0930: wake up1030: Go back to nap
1200: Wake up and eat lunch
1230: Grind
1400: Nap
1500: Surf the net
1630: Grind
1800: Eat and rest
2130: Grind
0000: Dota
0145: Grind
0500: Sleep

I don’t think I have been playing too well. Still running slightly above average which is of course great but I’m lacking energy/motivation/time to do post-game analysis. Looking forward for this year to end, so that I can free up more time to do other stuff and become the best poker player I can be.

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