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I currently produce videos and evaluate hands at Pokerstrategy. For enquiries regarding private coaching, you can contact me at Coaching sessions are typically conducted over Skype (VoIP) and TeamViewer (screen-sharing).



1. Video Reviews – The student will record a session with Camtasia Studio and we will discuss mistakes made during the session. Good for quick fixes and spotting leaks as soon as possible.

2. Hand History Review – The student will provide a bunch of hands and we shall discuss various ways to play more optimally. Will typically involve some equity calculations and combinatorics for more complex hands.

3. Theory Sessions – The student can request for a particular topic to be taught through PowerPoint slides or Hand examples. Common topics include 3-betting, Calling 3-bets, and Blind Defense. This is great for strengthening understanding of fundamental concepts but may require more preparation and thus may cost more.

4. Database Analysis – The student can request for me to go through his database and look for leaks in certain aspects of his play such as Preflop opening hands, Blind Defense or Flop Cbetting Strategy. Very time consuming and may not necessarily yield results due to the nature of Database Analysis.