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Table of Contents: The Art of Poker for intermediate players

Part 1 – General Concepts
Chapter 1: Protection, Pot-control, Playability
Chapter 2: Basic Statistics for Hold’em Manager
Chapter 3: Exploiting Different Player Types

Part 2 – Preflop Play
Chapter 4: Preflop 3-bets
Chapter 5: Blind Defence
Chapter 6: Dealing with different Preflop sizes
Chapter 7: Limp-re-raises

Part 3 – Flop Play
Chapter 8: Flop Continuation Bets
Chapter 9: Checking as the PFR
Chapter 10: Delayed Continuation bets
Chapter 11: Flop Play Without the Initiative
Chapter 12: Floating vs Bluff Raising
Chapter 13: Stabbing at the Flop
Chapter 14: Paired Flops

Part 4 – Postflop Play
Chapter 15: Firing the Second Barrel on the Turn
Chapter 16: Bad Spots for Second Barrel Bluffs
Chapter 17: Third Barrels and Bluff Catching on the River
Chapter 18: Playing Draws
Chapter 19: The Bet, Check, Bet Line
Chapter 20: When the PFR checks in Multiway-pots
Chapter 21: Thin Value Betting

Part 5 – Miscellaneous
Chapter 22: Playing Readless
Chapter 23: Common Mistakes and Misconceptions, Optimising Play