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Table of Contents: The Art of Poker for beginners

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: The Fundamental Theorem of Poker
Chapter 3: The Reasons for Betting and Raising
Chapter 4: The Reasons for Checking and Calling
Chapter 5: Hand Categorization and Relative Hand Strength
Chapter 6: A Solid Pre-Flop Strategy
Chapter 7: Playing in Loose, Passive Games
Chapter 8: Formulating Raising and Calling Ranges
Chapter 9: The Advantages of Aggression
Chapter 10: Basic Math Concepts
Chapter 11: Bet-Sizing
Chapter 12: A Simplified Post-Flop Strategy
Chapter 13: Live Play – Tells, Tips and Rake
Chapter 14: A Professional Mind-set
Chapter 15: Common Mistakes and Misconceptions
Chapter 16: Quizzes