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Table of Contents: The Art of Poker for advanced players

Part 1 – General Concepts

Chapter 1: Combinatorics
Chapter 2: Math of Decision-Making
Chapter 3: Table Dynamics
Chapter 4: Future Street Planning
Chapter 5: Advanced Statistics for Hold’em Manager
Chapter 6: Bluffing vs Value Betting
Chapter 7: Deep Stack Play

Part 2 – Pre-Flop Play

Chapter 8: Squeezing and Back-raising
Chapter 9: Countering Mid-Stackers
Chapter 10: 4-bet pots
Chapter 11: 5-bets
Chapter 12: Facing a 3-bet in front of you

Part 3 – Post-Flop Play

Chapter 13: Post-Flop play in 3-bet pots
Chapter 14: Flop Play – Checking as the Pre-Flop Raiser
Chapter 15: Flop Play – Leading into the Pre-Flop Raiser
Chapter 16: Turn Play – Turn Raises
Chapter 17: River Play – Block Bets

Part 4 – More Advanced Concepts

Chapter 18: Blind Battles
Chapter 19: Overbets
Chapter 20: Turning Weak Made Hands into bluffs
Chapter 21: Self-Analysis Exercises
Chapter 22: The concept of Auto-profiting
Chapter 23: A Game Theory Primer
Chapter 24: Designing Preflop Ranges