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Reviews – The Art of Poker for Intermediate Players

“Hey, I’m here to say a few good words about Galvin’s 2nd book “The Art of Poker for Intermediate Players”. As I woke up today and checked my e-mails, I saw that I received the book which I ordered yesterday by the way. I did not hesitate to start reading it after breakfast and just finished it 1h ago.

The book is well organized, it starts with preflop play explaining 3bet, 4bet and opening ranges, then it goes to postflop with explaining basically almost everything you need to crush micro/small stakes. His explanations are very clear and understandable, and you get a lot of examples after every concept. He uses some of his hand histories which he played himself at 25NL and he explains why his play was bad/good. He also breaks down ranges with PokerStove on every streets, so you can fully understand how ranges change depending on different textures.

I also liked the illustrations, some of them were kinda hilarious. Because he explains things very well and shortly, the book is not couple of hundreds of pages, it has only 100 pages but it’s definitely worth to invest in it. In fact, if it were $40-$50, I’d still buy it and recommend to buy it. I hope the 3rd book will come out soon with as great content as this has.” – JJWic3, pokerstrategy

“Hello everyone, I just read the intermediate and advanced book by Galvin after I really got into his free material, I thought I might as well pay for more as I don’t see anyone giving out free content as good as his(apart from maybe Bodo Sbrezsny, but they both play a completely different style and Galvin’s fits my mindset and analytical brain a lot more!)

Both books offer really good content, and I have to say I still believe it is the best current content out there per $ and time. I used most of my poker winnings for poker education and tried out stuff like Run It Once, read a ton of books (even “let there be range”), went to a poker boot camp by Bodo, joined a pokerclub in my town to discuss theory (I didn’t know at that time how bad “sports poker” players are…) and paid a coach (who turned out to be a “not so great player”) – and none of the content satisfied me as much as Galvin’s.

Having read now both books I believe that this is everything you need to know to beat the micro and probably small-stakes(I play micros so I can’t say if you can beat ssnl with that) – but there is certainly EVERYTHING I use in it and a lot more. I just wish there would be a little bit more about the importance of the mental game because I believe that this is something that can take or break your whole win-rate.

Most of the preflop stuff that he says is pretty close to mine(which I was very happy about!), explained with good reasoning and it seems to work out fine, but his postflop insight is probably where you (I certainly did), get a few A-ha moments and easy to apply strategy. I can’t wait to hit the tables and try it out now! Even though I’d buy the books again I can’t recommend you to buy it. Sorry I don’t want you to become a winning player.

Have a nice day”