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Reviews – The Art of Poker for Beginners

“I find your books ‘The Art of Poker for Beginners’ and ‘The Art of Poker for Intermediate Players’ immensely useful. They are concise, systematical and easy to understand. For a complete beginner like me, it saved me valuable time trawling through articles and videos on poker coaching sites. The parts on 3betting sizing and range are extremely useful and it has allowed me to cover some on my leaks. I am now able to win at NL2 comfortably and I look forward to moving up the stakes” – JX

“Good read that will def help reinforce fundamentals. Nice illustrations too.” – Fangwui, Pokerkaki member

“I have bought the book and have finished reading it. It is really easy to digest the information presented by gosubay. Awesome book for beginners and with the pictures it makes reading less dull and more fun. It’s definitely a good investment as you get to learn stuffs which takes people years to understand and helps u save money and earn more in the long run. Most importantly it saves you a lot of time, a well thought through book which takes you step by step through every street and if you ever felt lost in poker, this book is a must-have. Thumbs up for the great effort Galvin!” – Deepkiller, Pokerkaki member

“I think it’s worth to buy if you are new to poker and this book will serve as a good guide.” – tcs, Pokerkaki member

“I recently read Galvin’s book “The Art of Poker for Beginners”. I saw the link for it in his sig while trawling through
The MS Paint pictures alone are worth the $15 :D. The insight he gives in this book is second to none. It isn’t a book with tips and tricks on beating micro-stakes.

It is a book that provides you with a mindset how to approach poker as a whole. It breaks down the fundamentals street by street including possible opening ranges, 3-bet strategies, reasons for betting vs checking etc.

This book in my opinion gets to the point from the start and you will soon see your game improve dramatically. So if you are thinking of buying any poker books in the next while I 100% recommend this one.

It’s up to date, innovative, concepts are explained in a way that makes them easy to understand and if you want to improve your game quickly (while laughing at Galvin’s caricatures of rebecca black!). Then this is the book for you.
Can’t wait to read the next one!” – Joe.R, Pokerstrategy member