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Reviews – The Art of Poker for Advanced Players

“Hello everyone, I just read the intermediate and advanced book by Galvin after I really got into his free material, I thought I might as well pay for more as I don’t see anyone giving out free content as good as his(apart from maybe Bodo Sbrezsny, but they both play a completely different style and Galvin’s fits my mindset and analytical brain a lot more!)

Both books offer really good content, and I have to say I still believe it is the best current content out there per $ and time. I used most of my poker winnings for poker education and tried out stuff like Run It Once, read a ton of books (even “let there be range”), went to a poker boot camp by Bodo, joined a pokerclub in my town to discuss theory (I didn’t know at that time how bad “sports poker” players are…) and paid a coach (who turned out to be a “not so great player”) – and none of the content satisfied me as much as Galvin’s.

Having read now both books I believe that this is everything you need to know to beat the micro and probably small-stakes(I play micros so I can’t say if you can beat ssnl with that) – but there is certainly EVERYTHING I use in it and a lot more. I just wish there would be a little bit more about the importance of the mental game because I believe that this is something that can take or break your whole win-rate.

Most of the preflop stuff that he says is pretty close to mine(which I was very happy about!), explained with good reasoning and it seems to work out fine, but his postflop insight is probably where you (I certainly did), get a few A-ha moments and easy to apply strategy. I can’t wait to hit the tables and try it out now! Even though I’d buy the books again I can’t recommend you to buy it. Sorry I don’t want you to become a winning player.

Have a nice day”