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A quick update

Sorry for the lack of updates, nothing really interesting happened to me in the past few weeks and I am mostly dedicating myself to the SNE grind.


I’m currently left with 29k VPPs to go. I don’t think I can finish it by 30th so I’ll leave a few more hours for 31st december. As it stands, I’m up 32k for the month, having struggled to stay afloat after hitting my peak at 38k. The grind has been pretty tough on me, and I feel so bored that I still can’t really force myself to play without any side distractions/entertainment for too long.

Plans for 2014

-Learn some new skills
Maybe I’ll get some tennis coaching and learn some other stuff

-Travel more, maybe some solo travel which I have yet to really do so far
I’m going to Bangkok again during the new year, and I’m going to Taiwan at the end of January. I’m also considering playing the Macau Cup during mid-Jan.

-Cut the tables and improve on my play
I’ve been giving myself too many excuses and I have been way too lazy with my poker analysis. I don’t think I have peaked yet, I feel like my peak could perhaps be 10/20

-More tournaments
I’m going to try playing more live tourneys in Macau, as well as spend some Sundays grinding out the Sunday Million. I’ll also watch videos, get some coaching and grind some SnGs/MTTs

1 comment for “A quick update

  1. Trevor
    January 1, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Hi Galvin, congrats on attaining SNE. I’ve been following your blog since Xavier told me about it. I was planning on playing in the macau cup too and was wondering if you wanna travel together.

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