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2013 in retrospect

2013 was a year of many milestones for me.

1. 6 Figure Profit
This has to be the first year I was actually able to make so much. Previously I was often running into a brick wall in terms of my career progression. In Oct 2011, I lost 30k during my exchange in the Netherlands and was finding it a little difficult to fully enjoy my exchange. In Jan 2011 I went through another huge downswing which forced me to move back down from NL400 Rush to NL200. I also wasn’t playing full-time so it was really hard to get the necessary volume to ensure a steady stream of income

2. Attaining SNE

SNE basically guarantees a good salary, so as long as I’m able to breakeven and put in 1000+ hrs into actual playing. I had been planning to get SNE for a really long time, and for a moment I was debating whether to give up or not. Many friends were skeptical about whether I could actually complete the task. But given that I had a really high average VPP/hr compared to the average player (900-1100 VPP/hr) due to the fact that I was 8-tabling zoom, I was able to finish it on time. SNE is also great because it allows me to set a yearly goal for myself and ensures that I at least play X number of hours instead of lazing around.

3. 100 Books sold

In Jan 2012 I decided to embark on a new project – To write my own Poker Strategy book. I always felt that I was good at simplifying complex topics and making it easier for beginners to understand. Combine that with my interest in doodling random stuff (you can probably tell if you look through my other blog posts) and telling bad jokes, and voila! We have a poker book containing some amateurish illustrations, some bad jokes, and some decent strategy content. Initially I was confident that I would be able to sell a few hundred copies, mostly based on my reputation in Pokerstrategy’s English community. But upon reflection, that was completely unfounded because my books were not professionally edited.

Sales of the first book wasn’t too great. I did advertise my books at Pokerstrategy and PokerKaki. Singaporeans were buying because they wanted to support a fellow Singaporean. And I guess the Europeans from Pokerstrategy who did buy my books probably enjoyed learning from my strategy videos or my hand evaluation posts.

During my Summer Internship in May 2012, I had a ton of free time in the office at a boring accounting job. I probably spent like 30-40% of the time in the office working on the new books and I’m really glad I did that.

So here’s the breakdown of sales, with the last transaction taking place on 31st Dec 2013.

Book Cost per book Number of Sales Total Earnings
The Art of Poker 10 25 250
Art of Poker – Part 1 Basic 15 31 465
Art of Poker – Part 2 Intermediate 25 44 1100
100 1815

4. Most Active Hand Judge at Pokerstrategy

At one point in time, I was the most active hand judge at Pokerstrategy with >10 000 hands posted. Here’s the actual breakdown on a month-by-month basis


Jan 1226
Feb 1933
Mar 1129
Apr 1767
May 1634
Jun 1747
Jul 1648
Aug 1009
Sep 260
Oct 239
Nov 111
Dec 88
Total 12791

I’m less active in the forums now because I think it’s a little too time-consuming, but I’m still glad I helped evaluate so many hands this year. It gave me more insight into how less experienced players think, which helps me become a better coach, and also paid for/heavily subsidized most of my vacations in 2013 during the trip itself.

5. Graduated School/First Year as a Professional

I don’t think graduating is a huge achievement cos you would need to screw up real bad in order not to be able to graduate. But the end of 18 years of formal education means that I am now able to pursue the things I really want and not waste it on useless and boring stuff. The end of 2013 also marks my first 6-months playing poker as a full-time professional.

6. Travelled a lot

Singapore is a nice and clean green city, but it’s a really boring place. I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit so many places around the world in Asia, Europe and South America.

3 comments for “2013 in retrospect

  1. artiz
    January 8, 2014 at 12:55 am

    hello ! i saw your video on youtube playing 8 zoom tables . how long is your normal session?
    1 hour ?

    • January 8, 2014 at 2:15 am

      usually it’s between 2-3 hours but sometimes i play 1 hour, sometimes i play 4-5 hours. I tend to play multiple sessions throughout the day and take many breaks. Probably wouldn’t do that if I were playing regular tables because it takes much longer to start/stop tables

      • artiz
        January 8, 2014 at 3:38 am

        ok.thanks for the answer . Do you have a stop loss ? playing 8 tables zoom,u should get a lot of variance

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